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Fall Outfit Ideas & Planning

Real Women

Fall Fashion Trends

September 2016

Use these 3 steps including my seasonal checklist to get your wardrobe ready for a fabulous Fall. I'm also highlighting the 5 pieces I love for the rest of your year.

Let's Change the Conversation

Real Women

Real Women Have Conversations

March 2016

I adore the women I work with and have never left a single one thinking “She would have been great if only she was a size smaller or had prettier knees”.

Why are we, as women hard-wired to look for our own flaws?

Wardrobe Edit Questions

Organized Closet

Edit Your Wardrobe with these 4 Simple Questions

January 2016

A wardrobe edit can be a daunting task. Learn how to overcome that overflowing closet.

Use these 4 simple questions to ask yourself as you get started on the process toward a better wardrobe, happier self and a tidier closet.

My Closet Exposed

Organized Closet

My Closet: Before & After

December 2015

If I had a dollar for every time someone told me they wanted to hire me but... that they were too embarrassed to show me their closet, I would never have to work again. So in the spirit of full transparency… I am showing what my closet looked like before and after my personal closet edit.

Fringe Game Strong

Fringe Game

Best Ways to Work Your Fringe Game

August 2015

I LOVE fringe, can’t get enough of it. I love the way it sounds when it swooshes back and forth, I love the fear factor of knowing that at any moment I could lose a strand. In short, it makes my heart beat fast. Lucky for me, it is a HUGE trend right now. The good news is it is everywhere, in every store, in every color and at every price point. The bad news is...

14 Fashion Tips for 2014

Fashion Bites

14 Fashion Tips

May 2014

Tip #9
Take a picture of yourself in the outfit to see how you really look. The mirror is too emotional, because you "want" it to work. Use these pictures to create a look book.

My Style Icons

Living Room of Style Icons

Style Icons are Found Everywhere

January 2013

As a stylist, I know my answer should be familiar names such as Coco Chanel, Kate Moss and Katharine Hepburn. Something you will quickly learn about me, I rarely concern myself with what I should do but rather strive to be as authentic as possible. It would be easier to name iconic influencers to identify my style but I can't credit my passion to a few photos and ignore the true sources...

Date Night

Date Night

Getting the First Date Night

August 2012

There are tons of articles written about what to wear on first dates, so I want to back up and address what to wear to get that first date. When trying to meet a man, the biggest mistake women make is dressing for women instead of dressing for men.

The following story is a perfect example...