Incredible Experience.. True Professional

What an incredible experience I had with Kam! She is a true professional who really knows her craft. I highly recommend her and making this investment in yourself.

I had her come in to do a closet edit, create a weeks worth of professional outfits and some special occasion ensembles. We accomplished it all in record time and much to my surprise with items I already owned including jewelry that has sat in my drawers for years! We also made a list of items I needed to add to my closet to bring it up to date and complete it which I ordered on-line as soon as we finished.

She also gave me invaluable tips on how and what to wear to enhance my body type. I received compliments the very next day!


Inspired Outfits

A closet edit should be mandatory for every female! It was good to see outdated and ill fitting pieces leave my closet but it is GREAT to now walk in and know what to wear. I am already getting compliments from my Kam inspired outfits. Shopping to fill any wardrobe gaps has been fun because at last, I know what to be shopping for instead of aimlessly trying on pieces to try to find one that fits.

Oh and I finally found a pair of jeans that actually look good! Thanks for everything!


TV Show Makeover

I met Kam last weekend when I was chosen to receive a style makeover as part of a potential TV show starring Kam. I was both nervous and excited to meet her. The thought of someone critiquing your closet and how you dress can be quite daunting. But Kam immediately put me at ease. Any fears disappeared, as she is both warm and relatable. You're basically getting a new friend with a great eye for fashion! I don't have the same body I had in college but I've been wearing the same style clothes. Kam helped me figure out what works best for my body type and frame and how to appear stylish and pulled together. I learned so much from her. The woman is full of helpful tricks and rules. And because she incorporates your personal style and personality, at the end, I still felt like myself in the new outfits but with more confidence!

Thank you so much, Kam!

Allison from the CDC

Wonderful Consultant

Kam is a wonderful consultant in bringing out YOUR best style. She makes great suggestions for your lifestyle, work atmosphere, and most importantly - your body type! She's like a personal "What Not to Wear" without any of the embarrassing comments. She's the sweetest, most genuine partner you could have on your path to the very best you.

Debra, CFO

Irrevocably Transformed

Glam Kam...what can I say? When I looked like a diamond in the rough, she was an absolute gem in more ways than one. Not only does she completely gut your wardrobe with a flourish, she irrevocably transforms you. After filling out a detailed questionnaire, you're able to get to the root of your body issues and concerns, which Kam expertly helps tailor to fit your needs. Working with your current wardrobe, she clears out the old and unflattering to make way for genius "I would have never thought to put that together!" outfits. I ended up feeling invigorated and refreshed after she helped me pull together looks I envisioned as well as a list of what I was missing. Since then, I've thought about each and every one of my purchases in accordance with her guidelines. I'm a pear shape, and she gives you all of her style tricks and details to help you look immaculate (and flatter your shape! No matter what that is!) Along with being an expert personal stylist and (in my opinion) the best in Atlanta, she also is fun to work with! She's a delight to be around and exudes confidence. She's the kind of person you want to be around, hoping some of that fabulousness will rub off on you.


Worth Every Penny

As a guy who hates everything about shopping, especially spending money made me skeptical about paying someone to shop with me. Kam made it as painless as possible, in less than 45 minutes I had two suits, complete with shirts and ties and three pairs of pants. I will never shop without Kam, worth every penny.


My Daughter's Wedding

I started working with Kam a few months before my daughter’s wedding which was December 31st (New Years Eve). It was a destination wedding and I had to plan clothes for the whole weekend. I was feeling a little overwhelmed with all the wedding planning and details, so Kam took over the job of dressing me. I cannot tell you how much time it saved me!! I had been shopping, unsuccessfully, for a few months for a dress to wear to the wedding. Kam and I shopped once together, with her going ahead of me to several stores picking out dresses for me to try. She, of course, at that point had already done her analysis of my body shape, what styles were best for me, color, etc. We found the dress that day! It was so painless and easy after all my looking!! She then designed a very special necklace for me to wear with the dress! She continued to assist me in finding outfits for all the other events for the weekend. Some of the shopping for me she did online. All I had to do was order. She knew all the websites to shop for accessories, shoes, belts etc. It was so easy!

I also loved having Kam “edit” my closet. My closet is now amazingly organized, no more searching for hours to find an article of clothing that I know is in there somewhere!! I can’t even begin to tell you how different it is. I have been trying for years to figure out how to organize my jewelry and would never have thought to do it the way she did. She helped me get rid of “stuff” that I’ve had way too long and just couldn’t see objectively.

As Kam edited my closet, she put outfits together using clothes I already have. I learned so much about putting colors together, how to wear belts, scarves, and make an outfit more interesting. She took pictures of the outfits (so I could remember). She encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, but still kept in mind my age and life style.

I really cannot tell you how valuable this service is. I know in the long run it will save money! I feel like I have wasted money on clothes that I don’t wear! Now I understand why certain things, even though I like them, do not look good on me.

Last, but not least, we had so much fun!! Do it! You will be glad you did!

Donna, Country Club of the South

When You Feel Good, It Shows

Sometimes you are just in a rut, unknowingly. You aren't really depressed, but you are unhappy with your appearance. However so far deep into that you can't figure out where to start or even how. Kam peels back the layers you've been hiding under for however long and helps you find your sexy self again. That person you still remember deep down, but are too scared to show in a certain way for fear of rejection. Her total honesty is what I needed to help me admit out loud, what I already felt, but didn’t really know what it was. Kam helped me to know my body, what fits me best, and what makes feel great when I wear it. Now I don’t HAVE to throw on a jogging suit on the weekends or to run errands b/c I have many other ‘throw-on’ outfits that look so much better and I feel good wearing them. When you feel good, it shows. That feeling becomes part of your outfit - you wear it well. You won't believe the number of outfits Kam creates using clothes you already own. She is amazing!


High School Reunion.. So Much Fun

Working with Kam for my recent 20 year high school reunion was so much fun and she made me look like a million bucks! Kam knows how to show off your assets without spending them all and give you that little nudge that really steals the stage!


I Can’t Wait to Work with Kam Again

You are incredibly talented! So good at what you do!!

I so love working with you- you are GREAT at this, and have helped me SO much.

Being married with a full-time job and three small children doesn’t leave much time to keep a stylish updated wardrobe. When shopping for clothes, my focus is comfort and low maintenance. However, I was faced with a fashion dilemma when my close friend and co-worker invited me to her wedding. This event would be quite elegant and I had not attended an event of this caliber in years. I had nothing to wear! We had only a short window of time in which to pull together “the look.” Kam came to my home and went through my closet like a true professional. She had me try on pieces and detailed why or why not each one was appropriate for my body shape. It was so fun! After we made over the closet, we went shopping. Kam is incredibly efficient at this. In a matter of minutes, Kam had over twenty dresses and at least ten pairs of shoes for me to try out. I can’t wait to work with her again. I highly recommend her services. Thanks Kam!

Busy, Mother of Three

Happy Teenager

Thanks to GlamKam my teenage daughter is fashionable as well as beautiful! She is a lovely 15 year old young lady. She has been privileged to attend private school her entire life. Therefore, she has always worn uniforms. It's hard to mess up khaki skorts and polo shirts!

One unforeseen hazard of always wearing a uniform is that my daughter is now "fashion challenged"!

Seriously , she spends hours trying to put together outfits and , reluctantly, she has to rely on mom to put her outfits together! This past Christmas I gave Liddy the gift of a closet edit, Look Book and closet merchandising. You would not believe the difference it has made in Liddy's self confidence and the amount of time she saves by referring to her Look Book! Also, Liddy and I now have a glamorous, young lady in our life that we consider a personal friend. We are not only clients, we truly love Kam. We will both continue to take advantage of her services!