The Glam Kam Team

Kathy Hubert

Kathy surprised at fashionable sink

Kathy is the mascot of Glam Kam. She gave birth to Glam Kam in every sense of the word. She is a walking billboard and our best form of advertising. Kathy handles new business and helps with marketing and PR. She serves as a advisory stylist and is the liaison between our clients and network of couturiers.

You can reach kathy directly by emailing [email protected]

Kathy is a rare Atlanta native who lives in Buckhead with her best friend and husband of 30 years along with his 92 yr old delightful mother, Mary. Kathy is never short on stories to tell or "bless your hearts" to dish out.

Shelby Ausband

Shelby Carmichael Ausband

Shelby joined Glam Kam in late 2013 as an assistant organizing schedules, events and marketing opportunities. She is also likely one of your first points of contact once you have scheduled an appointment by finalizing details, getting you properly measured and completing your initial style assessment.

Shelby is also the CEO & Co-Founder of pur[SHOE]ing joy a non-profit with the sole purpose to break the cycle of poverty for families in Guatemala by giving them shoes, allowing children to attend school, and giving them a better quality of life.


Through the Magnifying Glass

Cheyenne Throckmorton is the left-brain grounding force behind this right-brain super-storm of idea-generating creatives. He operates the website and digital strategy side of things for Glam Kam while also serving a variety of clients as the owner / operator of Massive Reach, a technology and marketing focused company.

Growing up in Montana, and at a skinny 6'11, I had to buy my Wranglers at the Quality Supply in the scarecrow section.

Cheyenne was raised in the Rocky Mountains of Montana and Idaho before traveling to Atlanta where he earned a Computer Science degree from Georgia Tech. Since marrying Kam he's found it much more difficult to get his Hulkamania T-shirts "Glam Kam Approved".

Our Network, Partners & Contributors

Fashionable Caboose

Glam Kam also works with a vast network of stylists, designers, creatives, hair & makeup artists, photographers and others in Atlanta and other cities to help clients achieve their best look how they want it, when they want it and wherever they may be. Contact Kam if you think you or your business would be a good partner to add to our network of professionals making the wold a more stylish and FUN place to live every day.